Microsoft ends the Windows 10 Update, but it offers to users of “Assistive Technologies” for free.  Here is a LINK for details. If you not want the Windows 10 upgrade announcement on your Windows 7 or 8.1, here is a video instructions on YouTube for a GWX Control Panel program.  Click Here to download it.  Also, there is a VCP Mini - Presentation about Never Windows 10

Note - Windows 10 has default settings that Microsoft has put in place that basically give away the privacy ranch.  Once you upgrade to Windows 10, there are instructions on how to alter these settings to help keep user info private or at least allow them to make a choice.  One option is to download Spybot Anit-Beacon program the turns off a lot of privacy and other issues.  There are other options to do it yourself.  Click HERE and HERE and HERE for links to details.

This Windows 10 page will provide you information to help people help themselves on the Internet. Below is a list of topics with descriptions and links below the list. Our Computer Basics page also provides links. You also have these options to Help you by:

  • Asking questions after the presentations on Friday by filling out Troubleshooting Request form (pdf form) (word form).
    • Note - if you do not have a PDF reader, go to and download Foxit Reader under Documents.
  • Taking a course at The Enrichment Academy, it use to be Lifelong Learning College, but it is closed.
Learn Getting Started with Windows 10

  • On-line Free Training - GCFLearnfree
  • On-line Free 7 day Trail -
  • Get to know Windows 10

  • Security