This page will provide you information to help people help themselves on the Internet. Below is a list of topics with descriptions and links below the list. Our Computer Basics page also provides links. In the right column is the latest Tips to help you find information. You also have these options to Help you by:

  • Asking questions after the presentations on Friday by filling out Troubleshooting Request form (pdf form).
    • Note - if you do not have a PDF reader, go to and download Foxit Reader under Documents.

Self-Help Topics

  • Windows 8.1 - which is a separate page
  • Windows 10 - which is also a separate page.
  • Free on-line Training
  • Free Software
  • Internet Search
  • Presentations
  • Smart Computing Magazine
  • Tech-Help
  • Tips
  • YouTube for on-line education
       Free On-line Training
       There are some websites that provide free on-line training.  GCF Learn Free has a lot of free
       training. The Villages Computer Basics has a few on-line training.
       Free Software
    The following website: contain most free programs that are being used by many VCC members.  If you have any questions about the programs, feel free to submit a question during the Trouble Shooting session at the Friday Meetings.
    Internet Search
    You can use a number of Search engines, like Google to find the help you are looking for. There are millions of locations on the web to assist you with any technical issue or question. That’s the problem; there are millions of locations. How do you narrow down the search to find just the information you are looking for?

    Google is, of course, a good tool to use; however, to narrow down the number of locations use the advanced search feature. You can also use, and others. 


    The Presentations page provides a list and links to previous presentations.  You can find what you are looking for by filtering by any of the columns (like Title, Subject Type, Product, etc.).


Above is a LINK to a separate You Tube page that describes how you can search You Tube for help.