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Proposed Meetings Subject for 2015


Browser basics: what are browsers and how do you use them

Browser selection, set-up and tips on performing searches

Buying and selling on the internet – review of Sites/ How to/ Security

Review of software download sites: ninite and others


Office alternatives and demo

Useful free program Part 1: CCleaner and Malwarebytes (installation, use and updating + safe mode use)

Useful free programs Part 2: Revo uninstaller/ Secunia PSI

Online training/tutorials and you tube resources Windows 8/8.1

Windows 10/other options – Do an announcement and full presentation around release time

Backup options: hard drive and cloud based

Spring cleaning/optimization

Avoiding the most frequent computer problems

Avoiding and removing troublesome malware such as Conduit products

Photo editing and transfer to different devices/email

Computer/life organization by scanning/storing/retrieving documents

Computer Setup

Email basics with focus on advantageous of web mail vs Comcast, centurylink etc, setting up browser home page to email

Back to basics (review of basic computer operation and organization) tentative for jan

Do’s and Don’ts of computer security

Networking - Resolving wireless connection issues, especially laptops and printers

Homegroup and/or file sharing between users and computers

Hardware choices: desktop, laptop (with/without touch) - Tips on buying a new computer (laptop and pc)

Connecting external devices – what is USB 1,2&3, eSata, Firewire & trouble shooting


Communicating with friends and family using Skype

Facebook/ social networks and future possibilites

Sharing information (pictures, documents, large files…..)



Managing music (audacity, streaming resources, car music)

Streaming video resources

What’s new