Recommended Downloads to get started with Windows 10
An extra Browser, like Firefox.  The reason is when your default browser, Windows Edge in Windows 10, has a problem, you can use another Browser.  Second is Classic Start, which changes Windows 10 Start Menu that looks like Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7, which makes it easier.  Third is Foxit Reader, which is a program that allows you to read PDF files, which you need for many links on sites, like this one.  The forth is Malwarebytes, which is highly recommended to protect your computer. in addition to your Windows Defender that comes with Windows 10.  The last one is CCleaner, which helps you clean your computer.  First go to to download the first four recommended ones.  Below is an image of the site.  On that image are the highlighted recommended downloads, which you will need to click on first.  You can select others that you want, like Skype, Picassa, etc.  After you click on them, you then click on the Get Installer Icon.  The positive of is that it installs them all at the same time.  After you do those downloads, go to to download CCleaner.  Click here to return to Windows 10 page.